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    Strength Training

    At ITI, we look at exercise as a unique and dynamic endeavor. That’s because we aim to see each client we work with as a unique and dynamic individual.

    Working on the level of the mind helps establish a foundation for the work we will be embarking on. This means that within the initial phase clients can expect to gain insight and awareness pertaining to their relationship and psychology surrounding exercise. This is essential in order to remove any auto-pilot component and/or bad habits from their training and replace it with intention, clear and concise goals, and what I like to call a “check in and check out” mindset. This puts the onus on the client to check in to the training and leave the rest behind for the duration of the session. This healthy breakdown and deconstruction of where the client’s mindset is helps to achieve alignment with the practitioner and sets the stage for the intake phase. Within the intake phase lies a process that includes elaborate and detailed assessments that allow us at ITI to personalize and tailor our programs to the individual.

    This, combined with a sound biomechanical approach that embraces muscle contraction and its role in force output, help us to shed light on where the client is regarding their respective abilities and how to progress them. An explanation into the what, why and how provides comprehension and understanding of the exercise program and has a very positive influence on the application and outcome of the session. What is offered is a fun, rewarding and vastly different experience than what one may have encountered previously with exercise.

    Strength training enhances overall health. It strengthen the muscles and aids in reducing the risk of and mitigates the severity of osteoporosis, obesity, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and depression.

    The good news is anyone can get into strength training, regardless of age.  While it can be done solo,  working with a coach or strength training expert can help you get more out of your strength training. Instructions from the coaches at Integrative Training Institute (ITI) will lead to employing effective techniques, avoiding injuries, and achieving your personal health and fitness milestones.

    Guided exercises and coaching with Integrative Training Institute

    In any type of training, there’s always a chance of developing unwanted habits or repeatedly applying inefficient techniques. It’s difficult to detect these issues on your own.  Hence, a strength coach and expert is important because they:

    • Observe training routines objectively
    • Deconstructing and analyzing movements that require improvement
    • Develop strategies to encourage good technique and optimize muscle function

    Depending on your needs and specific goals, strength training with ITI is also complemented by:

    • Muscle activation techniques (MAT™), a non-invasive way to restore muscle efficiency and improve the connection between brain and body.
    • Integrative and functional nutrition, a holistic approach to nutrition that takes into account an individual’s lifestyle, genetic predisposition for diseases, exercise habits, and mindset.

    Why you should work with ITI

    ITI was founded by James Balazs. He is a strength coaching and neuromuscular therapy expert who has spent over 20 years working with a variety of clients to help them achieve their fitness goals. From high level executives and top athletes to ordinary folk, James helps identify and treat weak points of and imbalances in the muscle that prevent people from achieving peak performance.

    James is one of the few professionals who has earned Neuromuscular Therapist Certification through MAT™ and possesses the highest level MAT™ credential of Rx Specialist. He is also a certified personal trainer through the National Personal Training Institute and a resistance training specialist. In addition, James is also an integrative and functional nutrition certified practitioner (IFNCP).

    Here’s what people are saying about working with James.

    It’s your turn to find out what James Balazs and the Integrative Training Institute (ITI can do for you. Call 310.570.6352 or send a message here. Book a private consultation today.

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