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    Sponsors and Partnerships at ITI

    As the head coach of the girls’ and boys’ teams at Palisades High School, Morley is grateful for the opportunity to introduce her students to healthy ways of strength training and functional nutrition, with the option of MAT treatment. This year, the Palisades High School Volleyball team was fortunate to have the support of James from ITI, who generously dedicated his time and resources to help us achieve their goals.

    At the start of the season, James invited the entire team to the ITI facility, where we had some insightful Q&A sessions and got to know more about the facility. These interactions were captured on video and provided a great learning opportunity for our students. James also visited us several times at the beach to provide further guidance on strength training, functional nutrition, and MAT.

    Not only did James offer his expertise during practice sessions, but he also attended our competitions and donated a free consultation and training session to the winners of our league tournaments. His sponsorship of the team extended beyond these instances, as he also helped us purchase our uniforms for the year.

    Morley and Palisades High School is truly thankful for James and ITI’s unwavering support, which has been instrumental in helping our students achieve their full potential.

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