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    James BalazsBiomechanics Specialist, MATm, MATrx, IFNCP1358 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA, 90404

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    Scott Van Vugt

    Success Story

    “It is almost hard to know where to begin. When I reached out to James, I was 45 pounds overweight, in pain, and felt I was in a spot where I was abandoning my identity and adopting a new identity as just an overweight/unhealthy person.

    James’ approach with me was multi-faceted. We addressed nutrition, physical training, and most importantly, mindset. It wasn’t just “eat this, do this” it was an in-depth analysis of why I had developed the relationships with food, alcohol and exercise that I had.

    At every level, I was challenged to rise to the occasion. We were working together to identify what the resistance points were and why. Whether external or internal, physical or mental, there was always an approach and a plan to address challenges and overcome them. Although 100 miles away in San Diego, we spoke daily and facetimed often in the gym to make sure the training was on track. I drove up to LA monthly to get acquainted with a new workout regiment, and so James could do an in person physical analysis.

    We focused on mindset constantly. It was amazing to me how the same approach was applied in so many different situations, from the gym to the kitchen. Breaking routines and constantly challenging me to adapt and analyze my relationships with routines (both good and bad ones).

    I applied myself 100%. In the first month I lost 25 pounds. In the second 15. By the end of the third month I had to buy all new clothes. The funny thing is, the further along we progressed, the more the reflection in the mirror felt more of an accurate representation of who I always felt I was.

    Who knows what issues I have avoided down the road by working with James. And, now even years later, I am equipped with the education, experience and ability to objectively analyze my situation and apply my training.

    I have no excuses anymore, and access the ability to hold myself accountable to overcome any challenges my life presents me. Life no longer happens to me; I am now an active participant in my destiny. I wouldn’t be in a position to control my health and outlook, had I not had the opportunity to work with James. To say it was lifechanging would be an understatement. Working with James gave me access to control my life, and control how I handle the challenges that life presents. It has extended beyond food and training, although those two components are the foundation for the approach to a shift in mindset.

    If your excuses are important to you, then working with James is not the right fit. But if you are looking for a partner, teacher, leader, educator on how to help take control of your health and mindset, there is no other option than James.”

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