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    Kendall Davis

    Kendall Davis

    Success Story

    “I have participated in high-level athletics since I was a kid. When I was in college, my athletic journey took a step forward when I trained to walk-on to an NCAA division I football team.

    When James and I started working together, I’d recently suffered a shoulder injury that the doctor informed me might require surgery. I really wanted to find a non-invasive way of approaching treatment, and when James educated me about MAT, it seemed like the perfect solution. Together, James and I were able to rehabilitate my shoulder injury and regain the strength that I lost.

    Since then, James and I have worked in multiple capacities—he’s treated injuries for me, but has also helped to keep my body in optimum athletic condition as I’ve entered my thirties. I’ve never felt better, and I’m confident that the best is yet to come on my athletic journey; I owe all of this to James and am forever grateful that he introduced me to MAT.”

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