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    James BalazsBiomechanics Specialist, MATm, MATrx, IFNCP1358 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA, 90404

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    Jesse Friedman

    Success Story

    “I’ve known James for a little over four years now and he is much more than just a trainer, an MAT practitioner, or a nutritionist, he’s practically an older brother. In May of 2019 I was an 18 year old who was tired of looking skinny fat and burnt out with trying to figure out how to eat healthy.

    I made the biggest investment in myself at that moment by committing my time and effort to his nutrition and workout plan. I was also in constant pain that I could not seem to find an answer as to what was wrong with me. I had been to numerous doctors and had gotten MRI’s but nothing showed up. Over the next nine months James and I worked together five times a week in person which consisted of everything he had to offer: Training, MAT, and Nutrition. Seeing what I was becoming was the biggest self confidence boost I had ever felt and it has changed my life indefinitely. The biggest improvement in my life was getting deep into Muscle Activation Technique with James. Doing MAT a few times a week was the only thing that had relieved my pain and I am a strong believer in it. James is very experienced with doing MAT and has spent years studying and taking classes in order to offer the best service possible and it has shown to be very effective for me. I now believe that eating right and training correctly is the only way to live the rest of my life. Not only did my physical appearance change during those months but my emotional growth developed in other aspects in my life. I grew more disciplined and became much more aware of what I wanted to possibly do as my career down the road. Now I am working on the mental aspect of my life with James which includes overcoming my issues with body dismorphia and negative self talk. James has so much knowledge on all aspects of life and is someone who you can always rely on to push you to become the best person you can possibly become. His dedication to his work and business is so motivating and is a role model to all of those around him. Having the opportunity to work with James has improved my life in many different ways and he is somebody who you can count on to help you achieve all your goals. My experience with James has changed my life completely and has turned me into a stronger, knowledgeable and caring person and I will always be there to vouch for James and promote his work.”

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