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    James BalazsBiomechanics Specialist, MATm, MATrx, IFNCP1358 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA, 90404

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    Desrie Comsooksri

    Success Story

    “I love working with James because he is extremely knowledgeable in the holistic approach to health. He is the only health professional that I’ve come across who helps me reach my goals by first factoring in worklife, relationships, stress, emotional and psychological wellbeing, diet, sleep, etc. The truth is, life is life, and it will always be challenging, so staying physically and mentally fit takes an empathetic coach who listens to the entire story before giving direction. And when life pivots, so does James to ensure you are working with the best tools available to you.

    I’ve trained with James for 8+ years. Not only has he been a huge factor in helping me in my fitness, diet, and personal growth, but because of his vast knowledge of gut health, he helped me avoid a very nasty surgery in 2018 that doctors told me “was deemed necessary.” It was during a time when my highly stressful work and travel was taking a huge toll on my health. I was bloated, constantly uncomfortable after meals, and was enduring decades of gut problems that were getting increasingly worse, to the point that I was in so much pain that some days I couldn’t even get out of bed. After consulting with James about my scheduled surgery, he designed a diet program that ended up helping me heal on my own. Through this program, my pain had subsided in less than a week, my gut health improved within 3 weeks, and I was able to cancel my surgery within a couple months. Along with that, some side effects to the program were getting my high school figure and energy back! It was a life changing experience, and I will never trust anyone more than James to help guide me through a healthy lifestyle.”

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