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    James BalazsBiomechanics Specialist, MATm, MATrx, IFNCP1358 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA, 90404

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    Brett Trueman

    Success Story

    “James Balazs has been my personal trainer since 2013. To put it simply, he is amazing. I have been extremely impressed by the care he shows in designing my training program and in adjusting it as needed. James gives me precise instructions on how to do each exercise, telling me exactly which muscles I should think about contracting when executing the movements.

    He is super-focused during our sessions, watching all of my moves and correcting me (in an encouraging way) if I don’t do them as I should. James checks in with me at the start of each session to determine how I’m feeling both physically and mentally, and he modifies our session as necessary. Thanks to James, I have become much stronger and feel more confident in moving my body (something that is very important as we get older). In addition to all this, James is very intelligent and has an immense knowledge of how the body works. I ask him a lot of detailed questions during our sessions and he always has the answers. James has told me many times about how excited he is to be able to help his clients. It clearly shows!

    James has also been providing me with MAT treatments over the last several years. Before I started receiving them, I was very skeptical, as I hadn’t previously heard about MAT. I am not a skeptic anymore! James is one of the most highly trained MAT practitioners in the country and that is reflected in the treatments. They have helped me to move my body better and to exercise more efficiently. As I have learned, training sessions and MAT treatments are highly complementary. James applies what he sees during my training sessions to determine the most appropriate MAT treatments. Those treatments, in turn, pay off in subsequent training sessions. I highly recommend employing James for both training and MAT treatment. You will be very, very satisfied with the outcome.”

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